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Conjugate the Italian verb scaricare: indicative, congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo, auxiliary essere, avere. Conjugation: scaricare, tables of all Italien verbs. Practice "scaricare" with the conjugation trainer. scaricare [tr, intr]. In German: abladen, downloaden. ATTIVO . 'scaricare' conjugation - Italian verbs conjugated in all tenses with the centralpark-entreprises.com verb conjugator. Conjugation table of the Italian verb scaricare with translations in various languages.

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The Italian present tense presente is happening right now. It's a simple tense—that is, the verb form consists of one word only. The present tense of a regular Italian verb is formed by dropping the infinitive ending and adding the appropriate endings to the resulting stem. The present tense of a regular -are verb is formed by dropping the infinitive ending -are and adding the appropriate endings to the resulting stem -o, -i, -a, -iamo, -ate, -ano.

See the table below for a sample conjugation of amare to love. The infinitive of first-conjugation Italian verbs those ending in -are and the conjugated forms of the present tense are pronounced like most Italian words: the stress falls on the next-to-last syllable. The one exception is the third person plural form amano, which is pronounced AH-mah-noh, with stress falling on the first syllable.

Special Lesson: Mondiale Veronica is not aware that Italy didn't qualify for the World Cup In any case, using the World Cup theme, our favourite teacher takes the opportunity to give a mini lesson for all levels: Elementary , Intermediate and Advanced!

To see all of Veronica's videos there are now more than ! Below are the lessons in English:.

Our Language Corner: Courses

Lesson 1 Learn how to introduce yourself. Lesson 2 Learn how to describe appearance. Lesson 3 Learn how to talk about what you like doing.

Lesson 4 Learn how to buy things.

Lesson 5 Learn how to talk about the date. Example sentences Il motivo numero uno per cui gli amici scaricano i propri amici su Facebook è troppi messaggi inutili. The number one reason why friends dump their friends on Facebook is too many useless posts.

Regular and Irregular Verb Lists

Io ho scaricato un po' di roba. I've downloaded some stuff.

Lei ha scaricato un antivirus. She downloaded an antivirus.

L'ho scaricato. I downloaded it. Li ho scaricati a Kanda.

As you can see in the above example, the past participle changes to agree with the object pronoun. L'ho mangiato.

scaricare [tr, intr]

I ate it, where it is expressed by lo and therefore masculine. L'ho mangiata.

I ate it, where it is expressed by la and therefore feminine. Also, Li ho mangiati. Our Language Corner: Courses You are not logged in.

Search courses:. Lezione 2, L'imperativo Verbi —are -ere -ire cantare vendere aprire finire tu canta vendi apri finisci Lei canti venda apra finisca noi cantiamo vendiamo apriamo finiamo voi cantate vendete aprite finite Loro cantino vendano aprano finiscano essere avere tu sii abbi Lei sia abbia noi siamo abbiamo voi siate abbiate Loro siano abbiano lavorare scrivere tu Non lavorare!

500 most important Italian verbs 26 - 50

Non scrivere! Non scriviamo! Non scrivete!

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