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Per scaricare i materiali DIGIlibro occorre: 1. essere registrati al sito centralpark-entreprises.com 2. essere in possesso del libro di testo Pearson in adozione. Una volta effettuato il. DIGIlibro libro misto è parte dell'offerta digitale Pearson, semplice e inclusiva per tutti i docenti e per tutti gli studenti: strumenti didattici digitali fruibili online e. docenti ​sono evidenziate dall'icona. Per poter consultare e scaricare queste risorse è richiesta la registrazione al sito centralpark-entreprises.com come docente. 3. Scaricare su tablet la app gratuita Pearson eText Global. 4. Fare il login con user/pw usati sul sito Pearson. 5. Sincronizzazione automatica dei prodotti online​.

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Il digitale Pearson Il digitale di nuova concezione per gli studenti di oggi Pearson offre a docenti e studenti una ricca offerta di materiali multimediali e interattivi da fruire online e offline da computer o direttamente da tablet e smartphone. Libro Liquido Gli studenti possono accedere al libro digitale usando lo smartphone e il tablet, perché il testo è "liquido" e si adatta a qualunque dispositivo. Per studiare ovunque e in qualsiasi momento.

Un gesto semplice e abituale, una modalità intuitiva di studiare e ripassare. Per il docente la possibilità di creare e assegnare attività didattiche.

Analogamente al Present simple, la forma interrogativa del Past simple di to be si ottiene inserendo was o were prima del soggetto.

Elenco siti case editrici per scovare le risorse gratuite relative alle varie materie di scuola

You were on holiday last July. Was the film funny? Yes, it was. Were your friends at the cinema yesterday? Yes they were. Example: The match was good. Was the match good? The weather in Britain was good yesterday. You were in Sicily last summer. Your mother was at the supermarket yesterday. Her parents were at the seaside yesterday.

Your teacher was at home last Friday. The last History test was diffi cult. Example: Was the match good? No, it wasn t. In inglese il verbo to be viene sempre usato al passato: si usano infatti was e were sia nella domanda sia nella risposta.


When was Prince William born? Quando nacque il principe William?

He was born in Nacque nel e non He is born in When were you born? Quando sei nato? I was born in Sono nato nel When I was a little boy I. When I was a little girl I. Alla forma had non si aggiunge mai il rafforzativo got. I ve got straight hair now. I had curly hair when I was a girl. I ve got a red bike now. I had a blue bike when I was a little boy. I when I was a little girl. My father a rock group when he young. We an English test last week. It very diffi cult.

There twenty-fi ve people at Sarah s birthday party. When I a little boy I a cat. My friends in America last summer. My sister long blond hair when she a girl. We dinner in the Moroccan restaurant last night. It nice. Noah at the seaside last Sunday. Work in pairs.

Complete the notes in the table, then ask your classmate and fill in the second column. Example: A Where were you yesterday morning? B I was at school.

A I was at school. It was OK. B I was at home. And you? When were you born? B B He was born in I was born in Work in pairs. Ask and answer the date and the place of birth of the characters below. Example: A When was Robert born? B He was born on the second of January nineteen-ninety-three.

A Where was he born? B He was born in Dublin. Robert 2 March Dublin 2. Carol 3 September Liverpool 3. Matteo and Luca 1 December Naples 4. Maria 13 July Granada 5. Sahil 8 February New Dehli 6. Say at least five sentences to the classmates in your group.

Si usa invece la pronuncia debole weak form nelle frasi affermative e nelle interrogative introdotte da una Question word When? Was she born in Rome? Yes, she was. Were they born in ? No they weren t. They weren t born in b 1. I was born in c 1. Sara was born in Rome. Was she born in ? Where were you born, Marco? He wasn t at school yesterday. Why were you absent yesterday? Are the sentences True T or False F? Tourists come to Wales for its history and culture. Towns, cities and castles are places of interest for tourists and visitors in Wales.

Cardiff is the capital; there, the Museum of Welsh Life is a very popular attraction. The varied landscape also helps tourism. The activities at the parks include hill walking, hiking, canoeing, hang-gliding, kayaking, pony trekking, fishing and climbing. There are a lot of features of the Welsh landscape that are popular with visitors: in the Wye Valley they visit Tintern Abbey and Chepstow Castle, along Offa s Dyke Path they walk on the English border, on Taff Trail they walk or cycle along the River Taff and in Gower they admire sandy beaches, beautiful bays and interesting coves.

About three and a half million people visit it annually and they are all impressed by its breathtaking majesty.

Gower is considered a place for inspiration and dreams and visitors take a lot of photos of the spectacular rocky cliffs, sand dunes and nature reserves. Tourists in Wales visit historic attractions.

The Museum of Welsh Life is in Cardiff. Tourists are not interested in natural features in Wales. Tintern Abbey and Chepstow Castle are on the English border. Gower is in South Wales. Gower is a cultural place. Not many people visit Gower. Write an to your friend and talk about your experience. Use the notes below. Where you were. Who you were with.

How long you were there. You were in a hotel, bed and breakfast, campsite What it was like.

What the weather was like. What the food was like. The activities there were. You had some new friends. How the holiday was. Have you seen a film or cartoon about these people? Have you ever heard of Geoffrey of Monmouth? Talk about it in class with your teacher. One of you is an interviewer and the other is Mr Baugh, a Welsh culture expert. Use the notes below to ask questions about King Arthur and give answers. Before you listen Look at the picture.

What objects can you see? It s Monday morning. Sam isn t well and his mother is worried. Mrs Lloyd What s the matter, Sam? Sam I don t feel very well today, mum. I ve got a stomach ache. Have I got fl u? Mrs Lloyd I don t know. Do you feel hot? Sam No, I don t. Mrs Lloyd Well, what did you do yesterday? Sam Well, fi rst, Charlie and I went to the Heath, where we met our friends. Then, we played football for about an hour. When we fi nished I was really hot, so Charlie bought me an ice cream. After that, Charlie and I went bowling.

I was really hungry and thirsty. So I ate two cheeseburgers with mustard, ketchup and onions, and I drank a cola. Finally, I came home and had dinner. After dinner I watched TV, had a glass of milk and went to bed. Mrs Lloyd Goodness me! What an appetite! Sam, you haven t got fl u, you ve got indigestion! Say it like this Comprehension - What s the matter, Sam? Che succede, Sam? Non mi sento molto bene oggi.

Ti senti caldo? Che cosa hai fatto ieri? Listen to the dialogue again and complete the summary. Sam is at home today because he doesn t feel very well. He s got a 1 and he thinks he s got fl u, but his 2 says he s got indigestion. Yesterday he ate 3 cheeseburgers, an 4 and his dinner. He drank a 5 and a glass of 6.

Then listen and check your answers. Then listen, check your answers and repeat a. I ve got a headache. I ve got a toothache. I ve got a sore throat e. I ve got a pain in my leg. I ve got a temperature. I ve got a cold. I ve got a cough i. I broke my arm. I hurt my foot. I cut my fi nger. A differenza del Present simple, e con la sola eccezione del verbo to be, il Past simple dei verbi regolari e irregolari ha un unica forma per tutte le persone.

Scarica l'intero numero in formato pdf (4,9 MB) - Linx Magazine ...

Forma affermativa I wanted you wanted he wanted she wanted it wanted we wanted you wanted they wanted I finished you finished he finished she finished it finished we finished you finished they finished 6 Write the Past simple of these regular verbs.

We an interesting documentary on TV last night. Mum the train and was late for work this morning. Beckham one of the Spice Girls in The fi lm at 8.

We were on holiday in Portugal last year. We in a very good campsite. I my dad in the garden last Saturday afternoon. Martin Luther King in It was very hot in the room, so I the window. Vicky read the letter carefully. La maggior parte dei verbi, compreso have, al Past simple ha una forma propria e questa deve essere imparata a memoria: go went buy bought have had Last summer my friends went to Dublin. See Irregular verbs p. Use the list of irregular verbs on pages to help you.

Example: She usually has breakfast at This morning she had breakfast at Sarah often buys clothes. Last weekend she two pairs of jeans. I usually eat toast for breakfast. This morning I six pieces! Today a lot of people write s, but in the past they only letters. Mum usually leaves her offi ce at 6. Matthew often forgets things. Last week he his mobile phone. My grandparents usually come to see us on Sunday, but last week they on Saturday. My cat usually sleeps on the sofa, but last night she on my bed.


Rachel usually goes to bed at p. Essi inoltre aiutano a illustrare l ordine degli eventi in modo chiaro e inequivocabile. Leggi che cosa ha fatto ieri sera Robert: He went out with his friends Tom and Ben. They went for a walk in the city centre. They had a pizza. They waited for the bus. He got home late. He went straight to bed.

Ora leggi come Robert racconta la serata di ieri usando i connettivi temporali: Last night I went out with my friends Tom and Ben. First, we went for a walk in the city centre.

After that, we had a pizza. Then we waited for the bus. Linx 21,1 W. Luperini, P. Cataldi, L. Marchiani, F. Si acquista su Chimica. Inglese Inglese Matematica fisica l'acquisto previo del testo cartaceo permette l'accesso, attraverso un codiceall'area download per scaricare l'Interactive eBook, utilizzabile su qualsiasi device come PC, MAC e Tablet ecc.

Volume 2 Itinerario nell'arte. Marchese edizione Pearson: La Modalità mista di tipo B prevede: il libro cartaceo, il libro digitale interattivo Interactive Tablet Edition , l'accesso al Didastore e il LIMbook per il docente.

Editore 23,70 G. Editore 25,10 G. Dagli atomi all'elettrochimica. Secondo biennio Corso di Scienze della Terra secondo biennio e quinto anno 11 l'acquisto previo del testo cartaceo permette l'accesso, attraverso un codiceall'area download per scaricare l'Interactive eBook, utilizzabile su qualsiasi device come PC, MAC e Tablet ecc.

Volume 3 Itinerario nell'arte.

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